One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

I ran into Mr Cubfan Coworker today. After being out of action for a couple days, I asked him for an update on the last few days in the baseball world.

He says that the Cubs have lost the first two to the Astros and if we’re lucky they’ll lose the last one and maybe get swept by the Brewers.

Huh? Mr Coworker has been a Cub fan for as long as I’ve known him so I know he hasn’t changed allegiances.

He explains. His thinking is that as long as the Cubs don’t mount some sort of winning streak, Hendry has a good case for firing Dusty Baker by the weekend. He has already said he is “evaluating everything” after the first half.

Cubfan feels that the timing is right. The Cubs need to build for next year and beyond (I think any realistic Cub fan realizes that by now). Bringing in a new manager at this point would allow him to get used to the current team and work with the late season call-ups, players which may make a real difference in 2007.

Cubfan Coworker may be overstating his point (I can’t see myself or even him, rooting for the Cubs to lose) but his point regarding the timing of managerial change is well taken.

Bleed Cubbie Blue has a good posting on the issue of the possibility of Dusty being replaced. One of the names rumored as potential replacements is Razor Shines.

Razor Shines!?!!

The name may not be familiar to many unless you follow minor league baseball or if you live in Indianapolis.

Shines had a total of 81 at-bats in the majors. But he is probably one of the most popular players in Indianapolis minor league history. Go to a Indianapolis Indians game today and you will still see clips of Razor’s play from 20 years ago and the crowd will react.

More to the point, Shines is now manager of Triple-A Charlotte, the Sox’ farm team. Last year, he was Southern League’s Manager of the Year when he was with the Birmingham Barons.

Other names mentioned: Lou Piniella, Tom Kelly. Bob Brenly, Jimy Williams, Lloyd McClendon, Tony Pena

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