Piniella accused of wardrobe malfuntion

It happened to Terry Francona last week and now it’s happened to Lou. 

Lou Piniella was threatened with a $1000 fine for not wearing an official Cubs jersey during games.  The supposed infraction during the series against the Giants in San Fran.

”It was cold, so I wore the fleece top,” Piniella said of the pullover that is included among the uniform items. ”I had on the gray [T-shirt] underneath the fleece.”

Apparently, someone above noticed and Piniella got the letter with the threat of the fine.

As my friend, Todd V would say, “Leave it to the MLB to find a way to make money”.  The issue here lies with the corporate sponsors who require all players and field personnel to wear the official uniform. 

Don’t get me started on this.  If it were up to me, I’d put all managers in street clothes during games.

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