Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg is serving the third day of his three-day suspension today. It seems Sandberg, manager of the Peoria Chiefs, took exception with an opposing player bunting for a basehit, while his team was leading 6-0. The feisty manager engaged the other manager in a discussion, which led to a bench-clearing brawl.

Some might say, it’s the minor leagues and this player was just brushing up on his bunting skills, a learning process. To which I’d say, you don’t bunt for a basehit when leading 6-0, a learning process. From a Hall of Famer, way to go Ryno!

3 Responses to “RYNO GIVEN THE HEAVE-HO”

  1. It isnt his first time. He got thumbed last year, too.

    btw, love their caps. I happen to be wearing one right now.

  2. The cap is nice, but put on some pants.

  3. Nice to see the man can actually get excited! And yes, the cap is nice, but what about changing the logo to a corncob?!?

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