Soto tested positive for pot at WBC games

So Geovany Soto has been found tested positive for marijuana earlier this year at the World Baseball Classic

Great.  I drafted a stoner with my first pick in my APBA league last year. 

Of course, the media is handling the way they always do.  They trot out their trite template they use for articles in these situations.  Such articles include the apology from the player (“I fully understand the ramifications of my actions. I have and will accept any and all consequences”.. blah blah), how disappointed the team and league is in the player but they will support him and meaningless accolades in this inappropriate time (Asst GM Randy Bush:  "I think he would never make excuses.  That’s the kind of guy he is…").

Of course in this situation we can’t neglect the over-analyzation by countless journalists and bloggers of Soto.  Jjust maybe this all might have to do with his year long slump, right??.  

ESPN’s Nick Friedell seems to think so.

  In all seriousness, though, this news is embarrassing for everyone involved, most notably Soto. The Cubs’ catcher is hitting just .228 on the year and looks like a shell of the player that was the NL Rookie of the Year last season. He doesn’t look nearly as powerful, or as fit, as he did when he clubbed 23 homers and 86 RBIs in 2008. In short, he’s been a disappointment, and now with this news being public plenty of fans will wonder if all the adulation got to his head.

A little over two years ago we had a similar situation when then White Sox pitcher Freddie Garcia was found to have been found to have tested positive for pot at the WBC.  We all know what happened to Garcia’s effectiveness after that. 

Maybe Friedell has a point.

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  1. Who on the Puerto Rican team wasn’t smoking pot? Why is marijuana so demonized? I know it’s illegal, but get real!

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