Wasted Opportunities ruin the Cubs


The TV at home bore the brunt of my frustrations tonight.  I must have thrown three or four of my kids’ toys at it tonight.. starting with Chris Young’s bomb off Rich Hill. 

I actually turned the television off after Stephen Drew’s homer in the 9th inning.  Logging on to mlb.com just now, I had my fingers crossed, of course to no avail. 

The Cubs never had it.  Not that they didn’t had their chances.  Livian Hernandez, however, got out of every jam. 

The magic number for the series is zero.  That is the number of rbis by Alfonso Soriano, Derrek Lee, and Aramis Ramirez for the series  combined.  Again, wasted opportunities. 

I will give the Arizona Diamondbacks their due.  If team loyalty wasn’t an issue, the ‘Backs are a team I might have enjoyed watching win.  With players like Byrnes, Drew, and Young, they are a scrappy, hustling team with a hunger for victory. 

All for now, I’m too drained and frustrated.  Later, I’ll do a season wrap-up of the Cubs season. 




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  1. My 96 year old grandmother and I were watching the last game when Mark DeRosa stepped to the plate with the bases loaded. She turns to me and says, “He’s going to hit into a doubleplay”. I questioned, “What”? Gram repeated that DeRosa was going to hit into a doubleplay. Not being a Cub fan I was unfamiliar with this thought process and told her it must be tough being a Cub fan. That’s when DeRosa hit into an inning ending DP.

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