Weekend roundup


-There is some baseball happening in the south that doesn’t involve the Rangers.  The Arizona Fall League season has started.


-Speaking of the Rangers, there’s no doubt they got the most bang for their buck in 2010.


-I guess we aren’t ready to forget the Cubs’ collapse in the 2003 postseason… but our remembrance might be delayed.  Steve Bartman:  Catching Hell, the documentary on the unfortunate affair, will be postponed till next year.  Could they possibly wait till after the Cubs win a World Series (that way, we might not see it)?


-No surprise here:  The columnists at the Sun-Times and Tribune respectively have differing opinions on Mike Quade’s hiring.  Post-Trib (owned by ST) column headline:  “Sandberg got Sandbagged”.  The Trib column claims that Quade is a “good fit”. 

Old habits die hard.


-Finally, some Chicago tattoo artists apparently aren’t Sox fans.

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