Welcome to the NL, Mr Harden!

Glad to have you onboard the World Series Express.  Cubs win 8-7 against the Giants.  Three points I’d like to make. 

1.  There are three numbers that sum up Harden’s first appearance for the Cubs. 


Zero runs given up.  He did spread out five hits and three walks but none reached home plate.  Awesome job. 


Ten strikeouts, an impressive performance. 

5 1/3

The number of innings pitched.  Harden’s pitch count was still 96.  That’s the important one.  Piniella knows not to stretch him

2.  Carlos Marmol.  Our trusty righty from the pen blew up and allowed five runs to almost lose the game (and certainly take the well-deserved win from Harden).  Do I fault Marmol?  Not necessarily.  Piniella needs to use him less, plain and simple.  Pick and choose the spots where he best suited, Lou.    He’s getting worn out. 

3.  My last point… Jim Edmonds hit his 10 homer of the year.   I only bring this up because the day I did a writeup on Edmonds, I got a text message from DonS that simply said, “He’s still a punk”.  It took me a half a minute for me to actually get who he was referring. 

The linescore for Diamond Jim today:  2 for 4, 2B, HR, 2 runs and 4 rbis. 

My kinda “punk.  DonS was actually referring to A-Rod in his text message. 

Update:  Looks like the some of the guys they got did pretty well, too.

2 Responses to “Welcome to the NL, Mr Harden!”

  1. “He’s still a punk” referred to A-Rod. That was my reaction the day the All-Star results were announced and everybody was in worshipful praise that A-Rod got the most votes of anyone. Madonna must be stuffing the ballot box. A cheap, off-color line could follow that, but I’m practicing restraint.

    Clubhouse Cancer = Jim Edmonds. Somebody at spring training told me, “Guys don’t change.”

    Jim Edmonds is as good as any other has-been center fielder who hits .225, but can still hit a bad pitch out occasionally.


  2. aha, duly corrected.

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