WGN schedule for Cubs Convention Out

The WGN Radio schedule for the Cubs Convention is out

It looks like everyone will be there. Zambrano, Soriano, Santo, DLee, Barrett, Wood, Prior (please be gentle with those last two, fans!),

Among the old-timers, there will be Lee Smith, Mike Bielecki, Rod Beck (the Shooter!),

And of course, Piniella and Hendry.

Saturday morning’s session is geared for the ladies because it is called “Not for Women Only”. That is usually a cue for me to stay away. Anyway, it is described as: ” The Girlfriends put Mike Bielecki, Neal Cotts, Ryan Theriot, Scott Eyre & Sean Marshall in the hot seat. You never know what they might ask!”

Too bad DonS isn’t going. That’s just his kinda thing. Besides Mike Bielecki is going on 47 years old. Isn’t it about time he settle down?

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