Wood on coming back to the Cubs: “nothing is impossible”

Kerry Wood addressed the issue of the possibility of being a Cub again.   "Nothing is impossible. We’ll see how things play out.", he said according to the Trib.

I liked Kerry Wood.  I still do.  Talent and upside aside, he represents Cub mentality even two years after he left the team.  Most Cub fans I know think of him fondly.  It’s reported that even Jim Hendry has a soft spot for Wood. 

Bring him back, I say.

One Response to “Wood on coming back to the Cubs: “nothing is impossible””

  1. Pigskin Pete says: “Highly Unlikely. And the CUB Organ-I-Zation does not DESERVE to get Kerry Wood back, given the way they treated him the last time. When you shoot Ole Yeller, you can’t wish him back to life. TAKE THAT, Jim Hendry.”

    Now you’ve got me all stirred up, again.

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