Wood to have surgery

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. 

Kerry Wood is scheduled to have surgery, this time on his knee.  The Cubs organization is charactistically optimistic on the outside, blowing happy smoke about how they’re glad it happened now instead of later etc. etc.

On other hand, the jaded rumor mill at MLB Trade Rumors foresees Wood out till June

Dare I say it, maybe the Cubs management should learn not to put too much stock in a ptcher who has never won 15 games in a season.  With each passing year and the injury that comes with it, his “potential” seems to be dwindling. 

Followup:  Ballpark Frank has an idea which isn’t new but I certainly agree with… put Wood in the pen.  It was tried out in the past with some mixed success. 



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  1. It must be time for baseball to startup again, Kerry Wood’s got another ouchie!

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