Wrigley’s re-sodding project nearing completion

A couple days ago, I was able to walk up to Illinois Field, home of the University of Illinois baseball team, and observe the progress they are making installing artificial turf.  But Illinois Field isn’t the only park getting a makeover.  Wrigley Field is being re-sodded and Al from Bleed Cubbie Blue got a chance to view the changes. 

According to Al, the re-sodding of the Friendly Confines is almost finished.  He went by to sneak a peek and a kindly security guard practically invited him in so he could snap some photos.  Kudos to the security guard by the way, for exercising good judgment. 

The sodding project is being carried out by White Sox groundskeeper Roger Bossard, aka “the Sodfather”.  He is the expert in the field (no pun intended). 

There is some luck following Bossard.  Five of the last seven World Champions have won it all in parks that been the work of the Sodfather (Boston twice, Arizona, St. Louis, and of course the Sox).  The big question is does he want that luck to continue?  According to an interview on ChicagoSports.com, well, not really.

“I can’t say I want the Cubs to do it next year, obviously being a Sox person,” Bossard said. “Let’s just say I hope the Cubs are in it next year, playing us.”

There’s an interesting video accompanying the article with footage of the re-sodding. 

The project will come to an end on Saturday actually ahead of schedule.

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