Check out Shoutmouth’s latest article. They are asking the question, who has the hottest fans in major league baseball? From my vantage point, behind homeplate at the Cell, I can tell you there are lotsa hotties at White Sox games (despite what others might think).

I’m suggesting the Baseball Zealot poll fans to see what they think, who has the hottest fans? I checked out the website above and after careful review, I’m going with the Philadelphia Phillies. But please don’t let me influence your vote. Go to the website, checkout the ladies, and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! It’s your patriotic duty as a major league baseball fan.

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3 Responses to “HOTTEST BASEBALL FANS???”

  1. ahem teddy.. I’m trying to run a respectable blog here.

    besides, I don’t think any of those ladies would know a hit and run from a infield fly anyways.

  2. …oh, the difference between Cub fans and Sox fans. may be somewhat NSFW but very funny.

  3. Q: What do White Sox women have over CUB women?

    A: On average, fifty pounds and three tattoos.

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