The coolest baseball tattoo I’d never have


This tattoo belongs to an employee at my favorite coffee shop.  It’s something else.

I was drawn to it initially when his shirt sleeve was down and all I saw were the baseball cleats and the stirrups.  Knowing that he was a devout Yankees fan, I knew it had to be baseball related and I asked if I could see it.

Wow, imagine my surprise when he pulled up his sleeve and I saw the pretty woman barely dressed in a vintage-style baseball uniform.   I’m not a tattoo person myself but I have to admit this was a conversation-starter.

He says it incorporated two of things he loved most in the world… baseball and women.

Sorry for the censorship box covering the good part.  I didn’t want to offend.  Here is the NSFW version (it is only a tattoo after all).

6 Responses to “The coolest baseball tattoo I’d never have”

  1. That’s a vintage style baseball uniform? In vintage Playboys perhaps. I’m glad the Voles don’t have to wear those.

  2. “vintage-ish”?

  3. Thanks for the uncensored version, LOVE IT!!!

  4. Teddy, I thought of you when I posted it.

  5. Zealot,

    If you got THAT tattoo…

    …the wonderful young lady that you married would KICK YOUR [ BUTT ]…

    …and she would be justified in doing so.


  6. no doubt she would..

    funny you would say that tho… the gentleman’s lady friend (I assumed) was with him. She didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

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