MLB preview of rookie draft, already?

Seems early to talk about the MLB First Year Player Draft already but it’s never early to talk about prospects. has a good preview of some of players to watch this spring that will play a big part in the draft.  They list the top five high school prospects and the top five college prospects. 

No surprise, pitchers dominate the list.

A comment to article caught my eye and made me smile.  Seems a young
(ok, not so young… he’s 28) man wants a part of the draft action too. 

He says:

How do you get drafted ? I am currently in the Army and am playing winter ball. I also plyed a regular season here in the CA high desert area by where I am stationed. I am 6’3 230 LHP, 2 seam fb, 4 seam fb, change up, slider, spike/knuckle curveball. I have never played on the college level due to the NCAA not allowing players past 30 ( i am 28 currently ).

Uh, good luck with the draft thing.  Hope the Army doesn’t mind. 

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