Where to find info on the MLB Draft

Within a week, the 2010 MLB Draft or as it is officially known, the MLB First-Year Player Draft, will take place.  I’m certainly no expert on the MLB Draft but since I follow college baseball pretty closely, I have an interest in it and hence, have a little knowledge on where to find some good info on the draft. 

MLB’s Draft Central is probably your first stop.  They’ve done a pretty good job year in and year out covering the draft and each year they seem to increase their coverage. 

The Draft Tracker is a must, especially on the draft days. 

Jonathan Mayo covers the minor leagues for mlb.com.  His blog is well worth following throughout the year but during draft time, he’ll have some good nuggets.  

The Hardball Times is a source I trust for many things and prospect scouting is no exception.  A couple days ago, they posted THT’s projected top 40 draftees

Mock Drafts are the thing now.  Take a look at mymlbdraft.com or draftsite.com to get a sense of what people are thinking.  I’ll give you a hint… Bryce Harper looks like he’s going #1.  Or heck, just go to dugoutdoctors.com and check out their whole list of mock drafts that are going on. 

If lists aren’t your thing, MLB.com has Ten Names to Watch for 2010 Draft complete with a scouting report for each.  This list is “Bryce-less”, assuming you’ve heard enough of him already ala 2009 Strasburg. 

If history of the draft is your thing, you can try two avenues.  MLB.com has a page dedicated to the “complete draft history”.  For my money, I like browsing through Baseball Reference’s Draft section.  Lots of fun to click around.

If anyone has any other good resources for the MLB Draft, please share them and I’ll add them to the list. 

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