Baseball News Bites

…nice and yummy.

Former bigs SS Jose Offerman goes Marichal on an opposing pitcher in a minor league game and gets charged with second degree assault – AP News

Your Taco Bell cup may be worth a trip to the World Series – Media Post

First the Cubs have a contest for a fan to sing TMOTTB… now you can throw out the first pitch.  Will Ohman need not apply. –

Everybody loves a list… Today, MLB’s least durable starters. –

Put it in the books… Cox has been ejected 132 times. – USA Today

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2 Responses to “Baseball News Bites”

  1. Not just Marichal, you can compare Offerman to the Devil Ray’s hotshot (was that Delmon Young?) who flipped a bat at the ump a few years back. I think that Young should have been given Soup Nazi status: come back one year. Offerman should be banned from that league. Its more or less one step above semi-pro, and in any case I think he just ruined any chance of coming back up to the bigs.

    DonS, re: the pitchers-ol’ Zambrano gets PH roles once or twice a year, and not just to bunt. Another oddity AFAIK (but being an AL guy, I can’t really comment too much on that).

    I could insert some black humor about the Sox and the opportunity to throw out the first ball in their September games(hey, you in the third row: wanna throw out the first ball?) but I won’t.

  2. I disagree. Delmon Young != Juan Marichal incident.

    It’s one thing to hit someone on the head with a baseball bat and something totally different to throw the bat in the direction of the ump and hit him.

    Delmon’s bat DID come at the ump pretty fast though. Here is the video.

    Maybe i’m picking nits.

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