D-back Gonzalez feels dissed by Exec Kendrick

Luis Gonzalez felt a bit miffed when team exec Ken Kendrick brought up speculations about use of performance enhancers by Gonzalez during a radio interview.

During the interview, Kendrick didn’t make any accusations but raised the rumors surrounding Gonzo:

“I’ll be blunt with you and say there have been certainly whispers about Luis Gonzalez. Because he’s such a high-profile guy and you can make a case of his numbers five years ago versus his numbers today and therefore he must have been doing something. Well, he’s also five years older.”

Gonzalez hit 57 homeruns in 2001, the D-backs championship year. That amount was a definite spike in his career.

Fellow Illowa APBA League members know I have an interest in Gonzo as he has been on my Twin City Thunderchickens since I drafted him in 1992. I stuck with him during his mediocre years till he blossomed as a hitter in 1999 when he hit .336 with 26 dingers. The next four years of 100 rbis and 25+ homeruns (including his 57 homer season in 2001) were definitely worth the wait.

The story I heard back then was that Gonzalez had changed his batting stance slightly and that accounted for his increased productivity. Not that he really has to explain himself but all he says now is “”It was a great year for me. That’s all I can say.”

As for Kendrick and his interview, this is what he had to say:

“I don’t have any suspicions about Luis Gonzalez. Any more than I would about any other player.”

Hmm… I suppose you could take that two different ways.

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