MLB Bits and Bites

Now that Juan Encarnacion is out of baseball since losing most of the vison in one eye because of an errant foul ball in 2007, he’s going political.  He’s running for a Senate seat in his home country of the Dominican Republic.  Here’s an even more detailed article provided you read Spanish.


  With the Brewers two games under .500 and 6 1/2 out, they’re ready to make changes.  They’ve demoted slumping JJ Hardy to Triple A and DFA’ed Bill Hall.  Not only that, they’ve fired pitching coach Bill Castro.  Castro had been with the organization as the bullpen coach for almost 20 years before getting upped to his new position this year.


Orlando Hudson will be missing a couple days with a groin injury according to Joe Torre.  He is currently on a 10 game hitting streak.  Torre says it “could have been worse”.  Ouch.


Finally, poor Jamie Moyer.  He’s having hard time of it.  But as I always tell my kids, you need to find appropriate ways to express your anger.  And in the context of Major League Baseball, this is not it. 

Couldn’t he just smash a water cooler like every other player??

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  1. Maybe Joe Torre meant, “Could have been worse. Could have been MY groin injury.”

    Reminds me of the definition of “minor surgery:” Surgery being performed on SOMEBODY ELSE.

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