Ten Reasons I Love Opening Day

Wow, it Opening Day! I am SO excited. As baseball people we wait all season for day. We analyzed (and over-analyzed) off-season trades. We’ve all previewed and predicted teams and players in Spring Training. But now, the season has started and everything counts.

Ten Reasons why I love Opening Day

1. Wins, Losses and Stats Count.

2. I wear my team’s colors to work today.

3. Today, I can download and install MLB.TV Mosaic (watching it right now. Nice!).

4. There’s an unspoken bond between baseball fans today.

5. It may be MLB Opening Day but the University of Illinois has been playing for about a month now.

6. I can start following my APBA players now. Go Albert!

7. At least in the morning of Opening Day, the Cubs are undefeated. Woohoo!

8. We can start making fun of Tim McCarver.

9. I can start doing the Linescore of the Day for the Zealot.

10. Play Ball!!

Feel free to add your own…

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