Finally, Blyleven (and the last we’ll see of KB on the ballot)

I’ve said it beforeAnd even before that.  Bert Blyleven belongs in the Hall of Fame.  Now I’ll shut up about it.  Maybe.

No longer will he be the leader among non-eligible onlookers in strikeouts.  He’ll be looking from within.  Or third in wins.  He’ll have his plaque up in the hallowed hall.

Glad to see him get his due.

One player who didn’t get much consideration was Kevin Brown.  He got 12 votes. That amounts to just 2 percent of the vote which means he won’t remain on the ballot next year.  I’m no KB fanboy but I would have thought his career would have garnered more than a passing “C’ya”.

211-144 over 19 seasons with great 3.28 ERA (considering the era he pitched).  He pitched in six All-Star games.  Let’s not forget he won five postseason games and won the Cy Young award.

Again, not a huge Kevin Brown fan but I expected to see him on the ballot for a while.

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