Hall of Fame election tidbits

The baseball bloggers of the SB Nation affiliates held their own Hall of Fame balloting and the results are in.  If they were in charge, only one player would get in and that player was a bit of a surprise… Bert Blyleven. 

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve been a Blyleven supporter for years.  I just would have expected more support for Alomar or Larkin.  My guess is that there was a bit of the “not getting in the first year” element factoring in.


There’s a shared document which has a list of 50 or so (and growing) BBWAA writers and their publicly announced Hall of Fame ballots. 

It’s a small sample size of course but I’m heartened to see a good portion of votes going to Andre Dawson (at this moment out of 53 listed, 41 are supporting his induction). 


Maybe it’s me but it seems like there’s a bigger push for Edgar Martinez among a few for the Hall. 


More support for Dawson from Hal Bodley, senior correspondent for mlb.com who goes on to say that he thinks that this will be (or maybe more accurately “should be”) the year for Dawson and Blyleven.  His ballot:   Dawson, Blyleven, Alomar and Jack Morris.


and it wouldn’t be Hall of Fame ballot time unless a writer wasn’t defending his ballot, right.  Only it seems now they’re doing earlier and earlier before the official announcement.

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