Will Big Mac see Cooperstown in 2011?

When a St Louis Cardinal blog does one of those “Will Mark McGwire get into the Hall of Fame?” polls, I just yawn.  There’s no point in relying on the data.  But when an AL team blog like the Blue Jays’ Blue Bird Banter does one, I pay a little more attention. 

If you trust the Jays’ fans intuition, Big Mac has a long row to hoe.  At this writing, the Nos have it by a 62% to 37% margin.  And despite how I feel about the matter, I think they’re right.  The bad publicity and quite honestly the bad choices by McGwire have put him where he’s at and 2011 won’t be a HOF year for him.

My prediction?  McGwire will eventually get into Cooperstown but it won’t be for a few years (assuming he maintains his vote minimum).  If not, the veterans committee (if it still exists then… that’s another story) will shoo him in when the time comes.

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