Boras picks up another one

scottboras Manny Ramirez fired his agent and has hired Scott Boras.  Or maybe it’s more appropriate to say that Boras has picked up Ramirez as a client. 

Ramirez, never one shy to speak his mind, said he’d like to stay in Boston but the idea of free agency wouldn’t be so bad either:

“I want to stay here, but it’s up to them if they want to bring me [back]. But if they don’t want to bring me back, that’s fine. I know I’ll be a free agent after ’08 so that’s another thing I’m looking forward to.”

In a free agent year, you can bet Manny’s fantasy value will go up. 

With a growing list of teams who simply won’t deal with Scott Boras, Manny might be find his options somewhat limited next spring should he go that route.  Then again, any team who deal with Boras probably can’t afford Manny anyway.

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