Free Agency season starts today

It’s free agency season.  As of 12:01am today, all free agents are eligible to negotiate with all teams. 

ESPN has my free agent tracker of choice.  Take a look at it now while all free agents are rated “NR” which I guess stands for “No Regrets”. 

The average age of the 167 eligible free agents is 33.9 years old but that includes Brad Ausmus who I thought retired.  That skews it a bit by probably a tenth of the year or so. 

Ausmus isn’t the oldest though.  That honor belongs to reliever Trevor Hoffman who might like to add to his all-time leading 601 career saves in 2011.

Which team lost the most players to free agency?  The answer might surprise you.  The Tampa Bay Rays who succumbed twelve players including six pitchers.  

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