Glavine and Smoltz back together

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There wasn’t much doubt that Tom Glavine was going to spend 2008 in Atlanta.  The big question was whether he’d be doing it pitching for the Braves.

That question was resolved late yesterday when Tommy G signed a one-year contract with the Atlanta organization for $8 million.  That probably makes him happy.  As a Glavine fan and someone who has had Glavine on his APBA team since 1991, I follow him more than some Met/Braves fans do, I’ll wager.  And when Glavine is happy, I’m happy.

Smoltz, too is glad

“I’m extremely happy for the Atlanta Braves, for myself and our chances as an organization,” Smoltz said. “But this goes beyond our friendship. I think it’s the right thing to do in many ways, mainly because it makes our team better.”

Will 2008 year be Glavine’s swan song?  It’s too soon to tell.  I had written off Jamie Moyer five years ago and he’s still going well, maybe strong isn’t the word I’m looking for but he’s more than functional.  I do think that Tom Glavine never felt entirely comfortable in New York and going back to Atlanta can only help him.


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  1. Chuck James just got better, especially if he listens with even one ear to Tom Glavine.

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