Here’s a word of warning to Mike “Moose” Mussina, who today announced his retirement, stay away from Alaska! Sarah Palin’s no longer got a shot at being VP, so she’s now focused her sights on shooting moose, ya betcha . All kidding aside, Mussina did announce his retirement, after winning 20 games this past season for the first time in his career, Sandy Koufax is the only other pitcher in the history of major league baseball to retire after winning 20 games in a season. Mike finishes tied with Burleigh Grimes for 33rd on the alltime win total with 270, two ahead of Jim Palmer. He also finished 19th alltime in strikeouts with 2,813, ten ahead of Cy Young. Not bad company at all.

Mussina was 147-81 with the Baltimore Orioles and 123-72 with the New York Yankees. So now the question has got to be, when/if he gets the call from the Hall of Fame, does he go in as an Oriole or a Yankee? Hats off to Moose on always being a professional and on a great career!

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