Ryan Zimmerman and his $45 mil-5 yr. contract


Look at THIS !!!

Ryan Zimmerman strolled into the home clubhouse at Nationals Park after Monday’s news conference announcing his $45 million, five-year contract and was greeted with a smile and a yell from a teammate sitting on a couch…

  In this age of declining (or at best, "stagnant") salaries — see the free agent class of last winter — , Ryan Zimmerman drags this kind of contract out of the Nationals? WOW !!!

  Would Jim Bowden have EVER agreed to something like this?

  Is this Exhibit A of: Why Team Presidents should not be left alone with agents?

  I wonder if this is the first contract Kasten ever negotiated.

  I stand in AWE of this agent. Scott Boras, scoot over.

  Question for you guys: On a scale of 0% (no chance) to 100% (sure thing), What do you think is the chance that Ryan Zimmerman will be worth $14 mil in 2013?

  What do you think?


P.S. Disclosure: I originally drafted Ryan Zimmerman in ILLOWA League in the Second Round. A year ago, I decide he was "Tim Wallach" rather than "Mike Schmidt" and swapped Zimmerman for Huston Street. So factor in as many "grains of salt" as you think that deserves.

4 Responses to “Ryan Zimmerman and his $45 mil-5 yr. contract”

  1. What, you saying he’s not worth that?? :)

  2. He isn’t worth the money. That said, you also have to see that J.D. Drew and Mark Texeira are both .280 hitters with some power– and command stellar salaries. Zimmerman might turn out to be worth it in those terms — and he is a young player.

  3. Well, it’s been almost 4 weeks since he signed the contract, and he’s gotten a hit in every game since. So far, so good I’d say.

  4. Scott Boras was NOT his agent… he’s at CAA with Brodie

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