Santana signing: It’s official

gdollar Yes, it’s official… The Mets will win the NL East have signed Johan Santana.

Santana signed a record contract for $137.5 million for six years plus #13.35 mil of the Twins’ contract they will owe him.  Seven million of it will be paid out as a signing bonus giving Johan a nice $20 million package for this year. 

In short, Johan Santana will be a very rich man. 

All this was done with the help of (or in spite of) a two-hour extension past the Friday 5pm deadline. 

For the Mets’ sake, I hope Santana will avoid the Zito Syndrome.  Last year, Barry Zito signed a then-record $126 million contract with the Giants.  In 2007, Zito proceeded to pitch his way to a losing record (11-13) with a sub-par 4.53 ERA. 

But Santana is Santana and Zito is well.. Zito.

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