What ever happened to Matt Murton?

He’s breaking records in Japan, that’s what

On Tuesday, former Cub outfielder Matt Murton broke the Japanese professional baseball record for most hits in a single season.  That record had formerly been held by none other than Ichiro Suzuki.

Murton got his 211th hit for the Hanshin Tigers on Tuesday.  Ichiro’s former record of 210 hits was accomplished in 1994. 

One monkey wrench thrown into the whole record business…  Japanese baseball has extended the season 14 games since 1994.  Ichiro got his 210 hits in only 130 games while Murton hit his record-breaker in his 142nd game.  I don’t know if Japanese baseball culture is hung up on that kind of thing like we were here in America ala “the asterisk”. 

Humble Matt gave credit to Ichiro:

"1994 and 2010 are two different seasons.  He did it in 130 games. It is what it is, it’s a great honor. In terms of Ichiro, this doesn’t change anything. He’s one of the best players in baseball."

142 games or not, I’ll bet the Cubs would like to have some of that hitting action. 

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