6/25/06 Linescore of the Day: Tadahito Iguchi

2 for 5, 2 HR, 2 runs, 7 rbis

Put this in the “What does a guy gotta do? category. Sox second sacker Tad Iguchi blasted two shots including a grand slam in the ninth to tie the game. Unfortuately for the Sox, they couldn’t hold on as the Astros scored in the thirteenth.

His seven rbis was a career high.

A couple side points to followup on my post on leadoff men:

– As soon as I make dig at Juan Pierre’s inability to get on base, he goes 3 for 5 the next day. I’m making a mental note.

– Jose Reyes went 4 for 5 for the second straight day. As a matter of fact, in his last 8 games, he is batting .583 (21 for 36) and slugging .944.

3 Responses to “6/25/06 Linescore of the Day: Tadahito Iguchi”

  1. You gotta really hate the White Sox to pass on selecting Tadahito Iguchi for your dice baseball team, yet that’s exactly what happened as he was overlooked this past rookie draft and not chosen by any team in the IAL. Incredibly Bobby Jenks was also bypassed.

  2. “Incredibly Bobby Jenks was also bypassed.”

    you’re drinking the funny juice, aren’t you, Teddy?

    Jenks is the bullpen version of Bob Hamelin

  3. BZ, I know you selected Huston “We have a problem” Street as your closer. Can you name another closer who throws triple digits? Or whose team got rings as a result of them becoming the team’s closer? How can you even mention Bob Hamelin in the same sentence as Bobby Jenks?! All FAT GUYS are NOT alike, some are talented and others are not!

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