7/1/06 Linescore of the Day: A.J. Pierzynski

3 for 5, HR, run, 3 rbi

Do we need to go through this again?

A.J. hit a 3-run shot off Ryan Demptser to win the game for the Sox.

Hmm… you think the Wrigley fans took that very well??

No, the dolts threw litter on the field causing a five-minute delay. I have a six year old who knows how to act better than that. Sheesh. One more thing that people can point to about Cub fans.

Oh, and not to defend A.J. or anything but Ozzie Guillen can learn something from him about the proper way to “get back” at a team.

3 Responses to “7/1/06 Linescore of the Day: A.J. Pierzynski”

  1. Can we please just talk about baseball!!! A.J. going yard to win one for the Good Guys had nothing to do with Michael Barrett’s sucker punch or Barrett’s apology. It had to do with baseball! The White Sox worked Ryan Dempster, Pierzynski got a pitch he could drive, and rode it over the wall to give the Sox the lead. Bobby Jenks closed it out in the 9th, getting Player of the Game Aramis Ramirez to end the game.

  2. that’s precisely my point, Teddy. AJ’s keeping it about baseball.

    And no, I no, I dont think he did this for any sense of retaliation. He just wanted to win the game.

    Why can’t Guillen do the same instead of hitting batters or mouthing off to the press?

  3. ALL STAR A J PIERZYNSKI!!! My All Star button pushing finger is all wore out after voting NUMEROUS times for A J & Nomar. Congrats boyz! See ya at the ballpark.

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