7/16/06 Linescore of the Day: New York Mets 6th inning

11 runs, 8 hits, 2 errors

I didn’t see the game. I DID see that inning. I saw it on a restaurant TV on our way back from the Voles game. The view of the TV was right over my wife’s right shoulder. Which caused some serious miscommunications over dinner.

“Noo! Noo!”

“What! What did I do?”

“Hmm? Oh, not you”

…and so on.

Well, David Wright seems to be calling on a higher power and it seems to be working.

Interesting… the Mets two grand slam and 11-run inning seems like it might be newsworthy but not to USA Today. Even as of this morning, there was no mention of it on their Baseball Page.

Finally, Bleed Cubbie Blue has picked up their thesaurus and come up with 22 words that describe yesterday’s game.

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