9/20/06 Linescore of the Day: Orlando Cabrera

2 for 4, 2B, 3 rbis

Shortstop Orlando Cabrera with 3 rbis provided ALL the offense for the Halos against the Royals who believe it or not, have played ok as of late. Not last night though, as Cabrera’s 3 ribbies were all the Angels needed. Kelvim Escobar pitched 7 scoreless while Shields and K-rod finished the Royals off with a combined shutout 3-0.

Tonight’s unrelated query to think about

How many players have been “shut down” for the season that you think could/would/should have finshed the season?

Yes, I know a lot have had injury issues to consider but it seems to me that a lot of teams (the Cubs included) see themselves out of the playoff race and want to protect their investments for next year. From a organzational point of view, it can make sense but I feel it this strategy is being overused. Let’s face it. The fans want to see the players play and the teams win no matter where they are in the standings.

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