9/6/06 Linescore of the Day: Anibal Sanchez

9 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 4 BB, 6 K (Win)

As if the Marlins don’t have enough storylines this year, rookie Anibal Sanchez thought he’d add one more.

In his 14th game in the majors, Sanchez pitched a no-hitter against the Diamondbacks winning 2-0. It was the fourth in team history and the first in the majors since Randy Johnson’s perfect game in 2004.

The Marlins have been on a roller coaster ride this year going from 20 games back to wild card contention. The amazing thing to me is that throughout all this, they’ve done it with Dontrelle Willis having a sub-par year. It’s not that the D-train hasn”t done well… he has a decent 3.93 ERA. The lack of run support is responsible for his 9-11 record.

Despite all that, Joe Girardi’s young squad has exceeded expectations thanks in part to Girardi himself. Though you won’t hear Fish owner Jeffrey Loria admit to that.

That’s ok. If Girardi needs a home after this season, I know a certain Chicago baseball team that would love to have him.

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2 Responses to “9/6/06 Linescore of the Day: Anibal Sanchez”

  1. As someone noted in today’s paper, if a no-hitter occurs in an empty stadium, does it still count? Kind of like that old “tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it…” saying.

    Okay, the Marlins have had four no-hitters, and the Cubs have gone 34 years without one? Sure, some of that is coincidence, but how much of that is pitcher-friendly Joe Robbie vs. Wrigley?

  2. I was listening to a podcast this morning and the hosts were definitely encouraging buying this kid (for fantasy leagues).

    I dunno. I think it’s awesome he did this but I dont think I’d make a roster move based on 9 innings. He’s only pitched 15 games in the majors.

    A no-hitter is still just one win.

    Remember Bumpus Jones!

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