Pujols 8 for 8 in 100 rbi seasons… but the Cards still fall to Cubs

Albert Pujols:  1 for 5, 2B, run, rbi

Eight 100 rbi seasons to begin his career

Albert had what should had been a memorable game.  I guess it was but not for the reasons it he’d like it to be. 

In the sixth inning against the Cubs, Albert Pujols hit an rbi double.  That rbi put him precisely at 100 for the season and he’s now had eight consecutive seasons where he’s reached that mark since he’s come to the bigs. 

Unfortunately, the press won’t be talking about that so much.  Pujols made a costly error which turned a potential DP into a 2-0 Cubs lead. 

In addition, Pujols popped up to end the game against the Cubs, who eventually won the game 3-2.  That reminds of a kid cartoon I saw was a child.  I think it was a "Tiger" comic.  The kids were playing a baseball game and the first kid is up and swings, "Steeerike Three!  Yeeer Out!"  The second kid is up.  "Steeerike Three!  Yeeer Out!".  Then Tiger is up.  "Steeerike Three!  Yeeer Out!  Game Over!"  In the final frame of the cartoon, the first two kids look at Tiger and say in unison, "It’s your fault we lost!". 

Ok, not so funny but it makes a point.  Winning is a team effort and though the Cardinals as a team only scored two runs, Pujols (literally) makes headlines for making the last out.

By the way, Albert’s in pretty good company with his eight season record.  Only Al Simmons and Ted Williams have accomplished that.  Simmons streak extended to eleven years. 

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