Fall-out from Randolph’s firing

In light of Willie Randolph’s firing, it looks like NL All-Star Manager Clint Hurdle will most likely be looking for a replacement for Randolph as coach in the mid-summer classic. 

A snarky commenter to this Rocky Mountain News article on the topic says that Hurdle better be more worried about his own his own job.  A fair point considering the Rocks are 28-42.

As for Randolph, I was pretty far off on his 2008 prospects.  I had him down in our 2008 pre-season predictions.  Not for first manager fired though but NL Manager of the Year.  Yikes, you can’t get much further than that. 

As we all know, it’s always the manager that reaps the rewards for his team’s successes and conversely is the first to the suffer the consequences when things begin to sour. 

ESPN’s Buster Olney has a writeup on the whole Randolph firing that’s worth reading.  Boardroom backstabbing, indeed.

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