10 things ESPN TV doesn’t need

My list of ten things that ESPN could get rid of and would make me a happier (and more attentive) viewer:

  2. Spelling bees (as much as I enjoy them)
  3. Poker Tournaments
  4. Sports demagogues for analysts/broadcasters (I was going to name names but this about covers it)
  5. Talk shows with the word Damn in them
  6. Diamond-cams and the like
  7. In-game interviews with the managers/coaches/etc
  8. ANY talk show show where decibel level is louder than the street work being done outside.
  9. Dog shows (again, I can enjoy them especially when I watch them with my 9 year old daughter… just please, not on a premier sport network)
  10. Chris Berman, (I lied in #4.)

What’s on your list?

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