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Before the game, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were going on about how “now it really counts” but for Tony LaRussa it’s more than that and it’s a matter of pride and he wanted to break the AL streak etc etc.

I think that’s how it should have been all along except we didn’t need the home field advantage thing to give the teams the incentive to win. At least, we shouldn’t need it. Years past, managers were too concerned about making sure that all reserves and pitchers would get into the game rather than playing good fundamental baseball. We all remember the 2002 All-Star classic.

But the NL couldn’t pull it off despite Mr LaRussa using all his reserves… except one.

Now, with the bases loaded and down by one, why would you not tell one of the best hitters in the game to pick up a bat and get in the game? Pujols was itching to pinch hit for Rowand and if the situation called for it, he could have played the outfield. If LaRussa has a reason for refusing to do so, I don’t know it.

Pujols has publicly expressed frustration over the situation saying that he is “irked”.

Anyway, congrats to Ichiro for the whole running-around-the bases-without-being-tagged thing which contributed to his MVP award. Enjoy the Tahoe.

Note to Fox TV… the Eric Byrnes schtik in McCovey’s Cove was a joke. Don’t do it again.

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3 Responses to “All-Star wrap up”

  1. I bet on the National League every year, but when Aaron Rowand came up to bat against Francisco Rodriguez, I switched sides. I decided I would rather lose a lunch bet than see that little punk get a GWH against K-Rod.

    Willie Mays: Willie Mays is the best player I ever saw. How about you? It was fun to see him last night. And I still miss Pete Rose’s presence at the game. Just me, I guess.

    Tim McCarver, in pre-game: “Willie Mays says his favorite All-Star outfield was Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente.” This is a flat-out false statement. Willie Mays did not LIKE Roberto Clemente, nor did he RESPECT Roberto Clemente. Willie thought Roberto was moody and a malingerer who would not play hurt. Feel-good stories are not well served by false statements.

    After hearing that, I tried to switch to the radio. This is the first time I have actually turned McCarver off BEFORE the game began. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the game on any of the local stations. So McCarver returned to my house.

    And another thing: That lady who massacred (I mean, sang) God Bless America? Did you see the size of her arms? What a “beefeater” SHE was.

    I guess that’s enough.


  2. yeah, i’ve heard better.

    As to Mays’ favorite OF, McCarver apparently didn’t pull this out his *ss… Check out this article.

    From the article:
    “Referring to his favorite All-Star outfield, when he could play with Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente, he added: “We had three guys — Hank, Clemente and myself — all guys who would play in the outfield until we won the game. When we got four or five runs up, then they’d take us out.”

    In one All-Star Game, manager Walter Alston asked Mays to fill out the lineup card. This was his batting order: Mays, Clemente, Aaron, then either Willie Stargell or Willie McCovey.”

  3. DonS: music critic. :-)

    I don’t remember if it was “God Bless” but late in the game there was an interminable wait while some singer (and her accompanist) sloooowwlllly walked out on the field. All I could think of was “what was the problem with just playing baseball” and/or “why couldn’t she have been set up somewhere on a state in center or wherever?”

    Also, I’m certain that someone will point out McCarver’s comments to Mays and he’ll say something if his feelings weren’t accurately represented.

    Now if you had said ABC should stop the schtick, or ESPN should stop the schtick, then you might get somewhere. But Fox equals schtick. Goofy weathergirl on football? Fox. Jeanie Zelasko? Fox. When better schlock is made, Fox Sports will make it. :-(

    I’m not a fan of the “now it counts” idea at all. Just exactly when did it stop counting? I think there’s a book about Vince Lombardi that’s entitled “When Pride Mattered”; obviously a byegone era. Long before the WS home field advantage was on the line, a player who was part of a semi-controversial play in an All-Star game was quoted as saying “I play to win” when he was asked about the play. I’ll give an autographed copy of that new CD, “DonS Sings the Beach Boy’s Greatest Hits” to the first person who comes up with both players involved.

    Quick final question: two NL parks (Pittsburgh and SF) in a row. A catchup year for the 16-14 split?

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