Bonds and #714

This link to ESPN’s Page 2 column came across my inbox today.  It’s an interesting read, I guess.  Worth a click especially to see photos of Bonds back in the ’80s and ’90s. 

Bonds back when he was a skinny li’l feller

 For some reason, I’ve been pretty ambivalent about the whole Bonds homerun run as well as the issue of what to do with his record.  I do know I don’t care for some of some of the more drastic ideas I’ve heard. 

I may not be in the minority.  The headline in the USA Today baseball section is Bonds meets Babe Ruth, but does anyone really care?”I find it amusing/sad that Tyler Snyder, the guy who caught #714, says he hates Barry Bonds.  Really now, I wonder if Mr. Snyder has taken the time to meet Bonds and talk to him.  Or is he willing to base his hate on what he hears on ESPN and other media outlets? 

One thing that Bonds said:

“I’m just glad it’s over with.  Now you guys can watch Albert Pujols. He’s doing some amazing things.”

Ok, maybe it was the right thing to say.  Maybe his PR person told him to say that.  But it’s still true.

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