Howard and the MVP: Easy on the coffee, there

I re-read my post last night on Ryan Howard and the MVP vote. Man, I must have been on a pissy rant.

Despite everything said, Howard is, without a doubt an MVP-caliber star and no one (especially a two-bit blogger) can take that from him.

Please take the time to listen to his press conference after winning the vote. He seems like a very amiable guy.

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One Response to “Howard and the MVP: Easy on the coffee, there”

  1. CONGRATS to NickyV & the State Street Sluggers of the Illowa APBA League for having both the NL MVP Ryan Howard & NL Cy Young Brandon Webb on their roster. Now if he could only roll dice! APBA is a dice baseball game created in 1950 and the IAL is a ten team, draft league, that’s been using APBA to play out its 162 game schedule for over 30 years.

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