KC’s got a believer

Somebody finally has something good to say about the Gil Meche deal. USA Today’s Jorge Ortiz actually puts the KC deal on his Top Five Best Signings list.

Says Ortiz:

This one’s a hunch. It certainly runs counter to conventional thinking to give Meche, who has never thrown 190 innings in a season, $55 million. But so does the notion of the Royals making such a dramatic move, and that’s the point. They were going to have to overpay to get anybody to come to Kansas City, and by signing a desirable pitcher in his prime, new GM Dayton Moore has sent a message: The Royals are open for business and finally willing to compete.

I’m not convinced. I agree that KC was sending a message. They also needed to spend a bit more to get players to come to the Royals. I just think that for $55 million they could have gotten a bit more than Gil Meche. Even in this season’s market.

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