Meet Me in St Louis

I’m excited about the weekend. The wife and I are going to the Cards/Giants game on Friday night. I’m looking forward to seeing Albert play and it will be interesting to see the crowd’s reaction to Barry Bonds. Schmidt and Suppan are the starters.

This will also be the first time I’ve been to their new stadium.

I’ve been to the old Busch a few times. My biggest memory was seeing Ozzie Smith (in his prime) make 2 errors in one game. Bad luck follows me wherever I go, I guess. That was in the days when he had Tommy Herr as a DP partner. Herr was one of the most under rated 2B defensively from his time period, in my opinion.

To close out, Mike Lopresti from the USA Today has a nice puff piece called No Telling How High Albert Pujols Can Go. Maybe it’s me, but if I a Cards fan, I’d get a little nervous after reading that, I’m not superstitious (much) but that kind of talk can jinx a player.

Go Albert.

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  1. Puff piece.. catch that, Leeknay?? :)

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