MLB gets hard core

Got an advertisement email from last week. They want me to “Enter for a chance to win the entire Iron Maiden Music Catalog”


Now, when they get them to sing the National Anthem at the All-Star game That’ll be something.

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2 Responses to “MLB gets hard core”

  1. Yeah, I got that ad too. Thought it pretty strange. I don’t see the connection between Maiden and MLB. But yeah, how about ‘Arry and the boys performing “The Longest Day” at the all star game!! That’d be way cool!!

    Up the Irons!!

  2. hehe! Yah, too funny.

    Maybe the accountants didnt run this by the program people at MLB. A quick way to sell some advertisements.

    nothing against Iron Maiden or anything, just seems out of character for the MLB.


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