Pedro gets a warm welcome at Fenway despite what some “journalists” think

MSNBC contributing author Mike Celizik is a bit confused about the Red Sox Nation.

In his article about Pedro Martinez’ return to Fenway last night, he insists that Red Sox fans must boo the former Boston star.

They’ve got to boo him like no one not named Roger Clemens has ever been booed in Boston’s little jewel of a ballpark. They’ve got to hiss and scream and bellow until the air is congested with spittle. They’ve got to boo his backside back to that mango tree in the Dominican Republic he once talked about sitting under.

Hmm. Anger issues much?

Commenters to his article, many of them Red Sox fans, had no qualms about telling him that he was clueless about the situation.

Celizik claims this would have nothing to do with logic rather it is a “emotional thing”. Further, he was sure that Sox fans would give them all they got.

Well, they did in a way.

The fans of Boston gave Pedro a warm welcome he won’t soon forget. They chanted Pedro! Pedro! as he warmed up before the game and he signed autographs for many fans.

The Red Sox team, however had a different type of welcome for Martinez though. They tagged him for 8 runs in 3 innings for his fourth loss of the season. Pedro maintained perspective:

“It’s not disappointing at all,” Martinez said. “The reception I got, I will always remember that as one of the best moments of my life.”

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