Sports Columnist enjoying the Tournament

During today’s Penn State-Minnesota game at the Big Ten baseball tournament, I saw someone who looked very familiar. I nudged Brian from Big Ten Hardball, who was sitting next to me and said, “Isn’t that Jon Saraceno from USA Today? It sure looks like him.”

We discussed it and decided that no, it couldn’t be. USA Today wouldn’t be sending someone as big as Saraceno to cover something like the Big Ten Tournament. So I dismissed it.

Later we found out that indeed, it was him. He was there to watch his son who plays on the Penn State baseball team. So I decided to go over and talk to him.

I’m glad I did. He seemed like a really friendly guy. His son is the backup catcher on the Nittany Lions and he pointed him out. He noticed my Illini hat and noted that his wife was a University of Illinois grad,

A few jokes about USA Today not sending him to cover the tournament and then I asked if I could take his picture. He graciously said yes.

Thanks, Jon!

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