Surprise! Belle rings in with some opinions

What happened to the Cleveland Indians this year??

Former Indian slugger Albert Belle has an opinion… or three.

"Tell Larry Dolan I won’t be interviewing for the manager’s job," said one of the most feared and ill-tempered hitters in Indians history. "How can you manage when you’ve got no players?"

Manager Eric Wedge and his coaching staff were fired Wednesday by General Manager Mark Shapiro.

"This season isn’t the manager’s fault," Belle said. "They traded away all his players. You can’t win when you trade two Cy Young winners in CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee.”

I was going to make a joke about Belle not being any worse a manager than Ozzie Guillen but I figured that was too easy.

He might be more entertaining ( would be close).

One Response to “Surprise! Belle rings in with some opinions”

  1. Speaking of too easy, what about Uncle Lou? What are they waiting for him to fill his diaper & drool at the same time before they realize it’s time for him to go, to the home? Also, is Jim Hendry the worst GM in baseball (not counting Pittsburgh)? To paraphrase, People living in shitty houses (Wrigley Field), shouldn’t start shit!

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