The Best (and Worst) Baseball Movies Hollywood has to offer

The most excellent baseball blog Hardball Cooperative just posted their Top List of Baseball Flicks.  I had a hand in contributing in the article so definitely check it out. 

In their poll of contributors, Bull Durham eked out Field of Dreams for best baseball movie.  For my part, I chose Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns as my fave and did a short review of it.

And what’s a best baseball movie list without a list ofmajor_league_back_to_the_minors “bad” baseball movies?  HC didn’t drop the ball and presents us with their panels’ list of “worst” baseball movies.  Clichés, stereotypes and over-used plots are the norm here.  My choice?  Major League: Back to the Minors (aka Major League 3).  I have to admit the “bad” movie list is an entertaining read.  Check out the article (including my review of ML:BTTM).

Thanks to James Bailey of Hardball Cooperative for affording me the opportunity to participate in the project.  It was fun.

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