Suspensions, fines handed down in bench clearing brawl

Yesterday, the Midwest League has issued their penalties for the "unfortunate bench clearing brawl" that took place between the Peoria Chiefs and the Dayton Dragons a little over a week ago in Dayton. 

The starting pitcher for the Chiefs, Julio Castillo gets the stiffest penalty with a 60-day penalty and a $1,000 fine.  He was also arrested and charged with felonious assault when a ball he threw hit a fan.  Castillo is no longer on the Chiefs’ active roster.

Six other Chief players were fined $150 and suspended three games. 

Carmelo Martinez, the Cubs Latin American Field Coordinator and Field manager in place of Ryne Sandberg who was at the Hall of Fame Ceremonies, was also fined $1,500 and suspended 20 games. 

I got most of this info from the Peoria Chiefs’ website.  I was hoping to get more detailed info on the Dayton Dragons on the Dragons site but no luck.  No news is good news, I guess.

Can you imagine what it might have been like for Ryne Sandberg in Cooperstown that weekend?  Here he is, probably hanging out with his buddies, Schmitty, Ozzie, maybe trying to avoid Morgan. 

Maybe something like this:

Schmitty:  Hey, Ryno!  How’s it goin’ in the sticks?  I hear you’re managing a single-A team?  The Chiefs?  Who’s in control while you’re gone?

Ryno:  Carmelo Martinez

Ozzie:  Who?  Never heard of him.

Ryno:  You remember… Edgar’s cousin.  Hit 21 homers in ’85.

Ozzie and Schmitty:  (nodding and looking at each other)

Ryno:  He’s got things well under control. 

Ozzie:  Uhh, Ryno.  You might want to check out the news on the TV here.  It doesn’t look good.

Schmitty:  Yeah, who’s this kid, Castillo?  He’s got quite an arm.

Ryno:  facepalm1

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