Teddy Ballgame talks about his trip to the AFL on Baseball Zealot Radio

I don’t get Teddy Ballgame in front of the mike very often but when I do, it’s a treat.  In Show 33, he gives us his take on what he saw when he went to the Arizona Fall League.

Here are the show notes:

Show Notes for Episode 33:

Hosts: Tom, Tedd:

Summary: Teddy’s back from the warm climate of Arizona where he caught some Arizona Fall League action.  In Show 33, he gives his scouting report of the players he saw and an overall summary of his trip.

A-Rod is one of Teddy Ballgame’s favorite players so we managed to hit on the topic of his departure from the Yankees as well.

We aren’t always graced by Teddy smooth voice (he says he has a face meant for radio) and sharp analysis so take advantage of his appearance on this show and take a listen.


Arizona Fall League main web page

Teddy Ballgame’s report on his trip to the AFL

Teddy mentioned a few AFL players (Joe Savery and Andrew McCutchen) that were keeping player blogs.  You can access these players’ blogs and others on the AFL’s 2007 Player Journals page.

Time: 35:44

Date Recorded: 11/1/07


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