Running into Ernie Westfield

It’s pretty cool when you can say that you ran into a former Negro League player on a trip to the mall. 

I took the kids to the local mall in Urbana and ran across Ernie Westfield.  He is best known as a starting pitcher in the last East-West Game in 1960.  Westfield, a Birmingham Black Baron, pitched for the East team in that classic

But today, Ernie was behind a table, selling some of memorabilia.  He informed me about the Congressional act last year to make May 20th Negro League Recognition Day.

Westfield is a friendly guy and always greets everyone with a smile.  He’s a poet now and occasionally does readings

If anyone is interested, check out his website.  He has plenty of memorabilia available for sale. 

4 Responses to “Running into Ernie Westfield”

  1. I ran into Ernie and wife at a festival selling memorabilia. We got to talking and asked him if he would take picture with myself and my (3) boys. We talked about Satchell Paige and how he got dropped off in Champaign with him on the bus. He was a very nice man. I was truly honored to have been there had my children take a picture and see him.

  2. yeah, he’s a wonderful combination of self promotion (mostly because it’s his business) and yet so humble.

    I love the bus story :) he has so many great tales.

    … but when he speaks in public, he always focuses on the future of the children. I like that.

  3. He is my baseball coach, he teaches us slot. We are in the top five best teams in champaign.

  4. wow, you are learning from the best.

    good luck!!

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